Top 5 best internet browsers ever for Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1 Blue encryptions


Few years back, the term Internet was limited to certain group of computer users only. At that time they were treated as a psychic geek or something like. But today with time passage, internet has proved its worth in each field of day to day activity. Currently internet is used in plethora of day to day based activities. It includes social networks, official meetings, video conferencing, online jobs etc. In short, internet has proved its worth in almost all the fields of current life.

To access internet on your PC, you need to have some suitable internet browser. I have seen various online sources that provides list of best internet browsers for particular years, like best internet browsers for 2013, 2014 etc. Don’t know on what basis they define those browsers that changes every year. Yes I agree that there might be some new browser that is good enough to make an entry in the list but surely there can’t be any browser that can replace top 5 browsers in just 1 year or so. Here in this article I am going to describe list of top 5 computer internet browsers that are evergreen in nature. If there will be any other name to include in the list, I will add that later. The browsers I am going to discuss here are compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1 Blue.

Top 5 internet browsers

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an efficient Google product that is delivering its services in internet world. Personally it is my favourite internet browsers. I love its smoothness. Also you can completely update it with new layouts and appearance from its settings tab.

2. Opera

Opera is best known in mobile industry. Opera is popular as one of the fastest web browser that formats pages according to the screen orientation. It saves loads of data usage too. So Opera is a good choice for all internet users who wants to save their extra pennies while browsing.

3. Mozilla FireFox

Mozilla Firefox is best browser for all programmers out there. I love its scripting part where you can put your own scripts to receive desired output. Like Opera, it is fast too. The thing I don’t love about Mozilla browser is its poor transitions. Let me compare Google Chrome with Mozilla Firefox. In Google Chrome, everything is fluidic in nature. This fluidity appeals great to eyes but in Mozilla, no such elements are there.

4. Internet Explorer

Yes I know that might be your reaction now. You may consider IE an out-dated web browser. But wait, before declaring it let me brief you something. There are some very important sites that are compatible with IE environment only. It includes banking sites especially. Not only banking, in fact most of the official sites (jobs) are formatted according to IE settings. So please don’t call it an out dated browser. Also with its latest additions, it is none less than other high peaked browsers.

5. Apple Safari

This one comes from the house of Apple. As we all know Apple products are very rich in functionality, same is the case with this Safari Browser. It is a popular browser for MAC OS. If you are using MAC systems, then un-doubly it is best browser for you. It comes with features like html section, keyboard navigations etc. Along with MAC users, it is compatible with Windows too.

Final words

So these are top 5 internet browsers that are serving from years now. No doubt there will be more internet browsers but they will have to work hard to get into this top 5 list. If you know some browser that according to you deserves to be in above list, then please share that in comments section.



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