How to root Samsung Galaxy S4 GT I9500 on XXUAMC6 Firmware


Samsung Galaxy S4 is still to get its roots for global roads but before that it has received its first rooting guide so that you can enjoy all the extra pre-villages on this latest flagship from Samsung. This rooting guide will un-block your boot-loader so you will lose your warranty and for now there is no way out to get the official warranty again. So try this rooting guide only if you are well aware of the term rooting and knows its significance. It comes from un-official sources so neither me nor Samsung will be held responsible for any kinds of damages or bricking with your S4. In short try this on your own risk. This update is exclusively reviled on XDA.

This rooting guide can be applied on all Samsung Galaxy S4 pieces which are built on XXUAMC6 firmware. SO please check your phone’s version before heading any further (you can check it from settings>>about phone menu). So once you met all conditions, you can head further with following guide.


As I already said that this rooting is from un-official sources so there is always a risk of losing important docs and logs. To avoid such risk you need to back-up your phone using some android app or you can also backup your data with help of KIES tool from Samsung. I suggest you to back up your data through KIES as it comes from more relevant source. Additionally please follow all these pre-requisites. These will help you to secure your device from all kinds of threats.

How to root Galaxy S4

You can root your S4 through Odin tool. For simplification, I am diving complete process in two parts. First part deals with downloads and some processes (which you need in second part) and second part belongs to some instructions which you need to give final touch to the rooting process.


Download S4 Rooting Package and Odin tool to your computer system. after downloading both the files, extract them to some suitable location (better if you go with default locations) Processes (required in step2) DOWNLOAD BOOT:
First turn OFF your S4 and then turn it ON while pressing and holding Vol. Down + Menu buttons together. Means first turn off your device then keep your hands/fingers on Vol Down and Menu Keys. Without removing the pressure on both the keys, turn ON your S4, it will boot you to download mode.


I have compiled all the Odin rooting steps in one article. You can get complete details from here.

If you find any bugs/problems with this rooting guide then let me know through your comments.



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