Tutorial: How to Hard/Factory Reset Micromax A16 Canvas HD


Have you done something wrong with your MMX A116 and want to hard reset it? If yes then here I am with complete procedure about how to hard reset Micromax A116 Canvas HD smartphone. But before any further information, let me introduce this amazing phablet to you. So MMX A116 comes with 5 inch standard phablet interface with Android 4.1 JB environment and quad core processor. This is a gadget which is giving head to head competition to top giants in Android industry. Though it comes with very powerful specs but nothing is 100%! Isn’t it? Of-course it is. There might be some apps like Flipboard which might disturb A116’s system structure to deep. In case yo have installed some heavy app then you will have to re-boot your system again and again to come to normal mode. it is very tricky and irritating but by doing one single hard reset you can get rid of all such errors. So now let we head further for main tutorial.

How to hard reset Micromax A116 Canvas HD
1. Turn OFF the phablet.

2. Now press and hold Power button. Immediately press and hold Vol. Up + Vol. Down buttons (while you are holding Power button). It will outcome a screen with two options. In short you will have to use 3 key combinations here. The three keys are; Power, Vol. Up and Vol. Down.

3. Select Recovery Mode with help of Volume Up/Down buttons and press Power button to enter. Here Vol. Up button is used for moving up and Vol. Down for moving down. Power button is used as OK button.

4. Now you will get a screen full of various options. Check for Wipe Data/Factory Reset option.

5. Reach to this option by using Vol. Up and Down keys.

6. Confirmation or OK control gets little variations here. Here one single Power Press will not act as Confirmation or Ok key rather here you will have to use 2 key combinations for OK. I am explaining it in next step.

7. So once you are up at Data/Factory Reset option, left and right touch sensitive buttons simultaneously. Right touch buttons shows Context Menu and Left Touch button shows back option normally.

8. It will do all the necessary things and will leave you with a brand new factory rest A116 phablet.

Please use this Factory Reset in critical scenes only. Do not use it un-necessary. Also please backup all your existing data properly through some useful Android App. Better if you move all your internal SD card data to external one.


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