Top 5 Android Games/Apps for Samsung Galaxy Grand


Samsung Galaxy Grand is a unique effort from Samsung to provide high quality features at low price. Usually Samsung launches its products in range above than Rs. 30,000 or $600 9I’m talking about high end smartphones only). It is the only thing which gave its competitor like Micromax a chance to stand with it (even to walk along with it). Very quickly Samsung realized this loop hole and they launched one low cost phablet to overcome it. This phablet was Galaxy Grand. It packs attractive features at reasonable cost which we can’t expect from Samsung in near past.

It comes with a 5 inch WVGA display with 480x800 pixels resolution (187 ppi). It runs on Android 4.1.2 Jellybean which is accompanied by a dual core 1.2 GHz processor with 1 GB RAM. It comes with Gyro, Compass, Proximity, accelerometer sensors which can give you real world class gaming experience.

Are you looking for best games and apps for Samsung Galaxy Grand? If yes then here I am with full details about some evergreen Android Apps and Games which will suit best with Galaxy Grand. 5 inch screen with sensors and dual core fast processor will give you ultimate interface to interact with all gaming characters. So let’s start the main article.

Top 5 Android Games/Apps for Galaxy Grand

1. WhatsApp

If you have ever used an Android device then you must have used WhatsApp application. It is something which can be called as Android messenger. It reduces your texting bills to almost ground and provides you some of the best messaging features. Using this app, you can even communicate through images and other interactive stuff. So if you own a Galaxy Grand ten you must have WhatsApp inside it. Download it from here.

2. Skype

Skype is world known term. It is a powerful app which let you connect with your dear ones at very low cost. It supports National as well as International communications. It is one of my favorite app. All you need to have is one Skype Account and internet connection. With Skype, you can even enjoy un-interrupted video conferences to any part of the world. So download it and start communicating with your friends in a unique way.

3. Pool Master Pro

What if you can convert your 5 inch screen into a pool table? It’s amazing! Isn’t it? This app transforms your screen into a pool table on which you can roll your fingers for playing various moves. This app can even better your offline pool playing capabilities. It comes with 3D interface (not completely) which gives you realistic gaming experience. You can download it from here.

4. Rail Rush

It is a racing type game in which you have to play against time. In this game you will play like a minor whose duty is to collect various priceless stones. There are several obstacles which you will have to tackle during your journey. This app comes with fluidic design and smooth trances. You can download it from here.

5. VLC Media Player

VLC is a very popular multimedia player which is used globally in most of the PC’s (I’m also using it). Company has developed its Android version which can work with Galaxy Grand comfortably. VLC media player allows you to browse and watch your favorite multimedia related stuff on big 5.0 inch screen of Grand. So download it and start enjoying.

There are few other apps like Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds which can also be played on 5 inch screen comfortably.


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  1. It is a racing type game in which you have to play against time.Its an super game i like it.

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