Download: Top 5 free Android Apps for Micromax A110 Canvas 2


Micromax A110 is an entry level smartphone from the house of Micromax. It comes with awesome and unique features (I’m talking about the features at a price sticker of Rs. 10,000). Really saying then it is like a blessing for all Indian tech geeks who wants to use a handy smartphone. Dual core processor, 5 inch screen, 10 K price etc are some of its features which makes it a perfect entry level smartphone. It is built on Android platform which is known for world class apps. Have you purchased MMX A110 Canvas 2 and are looking for best Android apps for it? If yes then here I am with complete details about best 5 Android apps for MMX A110. I have prepared this list according to my favorite apps but I am sure that you are also going to love all the apps.

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Beat 5 free Android Apps for Micromax A110

1. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is an all-time favorite Android app which acts as a messenger for Android devices. It is a world famous app which drops your message bills almost to ground. It uses your device’s 3G or Wi-Fi networks to send and receive messages. It comes with following features:

• Supports text, image, audio, video messages
• Free for first year and $0.99 per annum thereafter
• Group chatting
• Offline messages
• No hidden cost
• No international fares
• Free download

You can download it from here.

2. Funny Camera

Funny Camera is a free image editor Android app which can be used to shape up normal images to funny forms. It is a globally used app which really creates wonders with photos. It avails you with lot of options that can be used to transform any image to funny creatures. Its feature includes:

• 80 funny frames to choose from
• Full editing
• Take photo with frame or add frame after capturing
• Color effects to images
• Lots more

It is a free app which can be downloaded from here.

3. Skype

This app needs no introduction. It has changed the concept of internet chatting. This app can be used to make low cost calls and messages from Android smartphones. All you need to have is one smartphone and internet connection. It comes with following features:

• Low cost video/audio calls
• Very affordable rates
• High quality
• Communication through pictures

Please download it from here.

4. Crack Screen HD – Shake

It is actually a funny app which will shock you as well as your friends. It comes with a wallpaper which reflects your mobile’s screen as a broken glass. It can be used to play pranks with your friends. Its features include:

• Real cracking sound
• Very high quality image quality
• 5 stylish cracks to choose from
• Crack exchange with your friends

It can be downloaded from here.

5. Battery Doubler

This app goes by its name. It enhances your phone’s battery life to almost double (however not complete double). This app works from background and turns off un-necessary operations which requires more battery. It manages ON time of all the apps smartly. It comes with these features:

• Auto run
• Easy to use
• Free download
• Awesome concept

You can download it from here.



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