Nokia Lumina 510 VS Micromax Smarty A68: which is worth to buy?


New Year is about to come within few days. Are you looking for buying a new entry level smartphone this New Year? If yes then please invest your time here by reading the contents which I am going to explain below. Here I am with comparison between Micromax Smarty A68 Nokia Lumina 510, both of which are entry level smartphones with Android and Windows platform respectively.

Micromax one side is now becoming the favorite choice in Indian market and has injected the term TRUST in its buyers. Now Micromax is not considered as any third party smartphone developers any more (at least in India). On the other side, Nokia is with its cheapest Windows operated device. Nokia is considered as the synonym of trust and roughness. So it is really a worth comparison however please note that Micromax A68 is launched with Rs. 6499 starting price whereas Nokia Lumina 510 is available for Rs. 10,999. So let’s start the main comparison.

Micromax Smarty A68 VS Nokia Lumina 510

Screen and system

Micromax Smarty A68
• Size and weight are yet to be revealed
• 4 inch capacitive touchscreen with 800x400 pixels screen resolution
• 1 GHz processor
• Android 4.0 ICS OS

Nokia Lumina 510
• 120.7 x 64.9 x 11.5mm dimensions
• 129 g weight
• 4 inch screen with similar resolution
• 800 MHz processor (weaker than A68’s processor)
• Windows Phone Mango 7.5 OS (upgradable to Windows 7.8)

Winner: Here Micromax product seems to be on leading front with a fast 1 GHz processor when compared with poor 800 MHz processor of Nokia’s product.

Memory and Camera
• 5 MP rear main camera with no front camera facility
• 2 GB onboard memory and 512 MB RAM
• SD card expandable 32 GB external memory

Lumina 510
• 5 MP rear camera
• No Front camera lens
• 4 GB internal memory
• 256 MB RAM
• No SD card slot
• 7 GB SkyDrive cloud storage

Winner: Here again Micromax A68 wins with 2 GB internal, 512 MB RAM and 32 GB expandable memory. Nokia has not stuffed good memory features at all. It is just providing 4 GB internal + 7 GB SkyDrive (total11 GB) cloud storage which is not sufficient with today’s trends.

Connectivity and battery

• Wi-Fi of class 802.11 b/g/n
• Bluetooth
• USB 2.0 connectivity
• 1600 mAh battery
• 5 hours talk time
• 144 hours standby

Lumina 510
• Similar connectivity specs (as Micromax Smarty A68)
• 1300 mAh battery
• 6.2 hours talk time
• 653 hours standby time

Winner: Although Micromax product comes with better powered battery but according to official data, Nokia product has better standby and talk times. So Nokia Lumina 510 wins here.

Micromax Smarty A68: Rs. 6,499.
Nokia Lumina 510: Rs. 10,999.

Which is better to buy
From all the specs and price listing, Micromax Smarty A68 seems to be a better choice with fast processor and memory options. However if you are planning to buy a Windows device then Lumina 510 will be a better choice for you. If I would personally have to choose between both these products then I will surely choose A68 as it is a fully feature packed smartphone with almost half price than Lumina 510.


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