Tutorial: How to root-unroot Micromax A110 Canvas 2


Micromax A110 Canvas2 is a smart device which is in talks now. It is an advance model of Micromax A100 Canvas which is stuffed with very high end features. It comes with Android 4.0 ICS OS and fast dual core chipset processor. Developers have added 8 MP rear camera which can be used as a digital camera for capturing crystal clear photos. According to several tech geeks, it is one of the strongest device which can even compete high budget devices like Samsung Galaxy Note2.
Micromax A110 Canvas2

If you are using this device then here I am with great news for you. Now you can root your A110 and can enjoy extra privileged functions on it. This rooting guide is developed from famous xda developers and consists of an easy to follow steps. So let’s start our main discussion about rooting details.

How to root

Before rooting, please make sure to meet these pre-requisites:
• Keep at least 75% battery during rooting process
• Turn OFF all your antivirus software’s
• Please note that neither Micromax nor TechGama will be responsible for any kind f damage with your device

You can check full pre-requisites from here. Now let’s start main rooting process.
1. Download Bin4ry Rooting Tool to your computer.

2. Go to settings>development and tap on USB Debugging option. once done, connect your A110 with your computer.

3. All drivers will get installed automatically but in case some wrong happens then you can manually download all A110 drivers from Microsoft official website.

4. Unzip/extract downloaded Bin4ry tool kit using some extractor (like WinZip, ExpressZip etc) on computer.

5. Now open the extracted file and open RunMe.bat file.

6. Now you will be guided with on screen guide. Just follow that. You will be asked to select DEVICE TYPE, select 1 there.

7. Now select Restore option. it will make necessary changes in your A110. After making all the changes, your device will get rebooted automatically.

8. Wait for few seconds or even minutes till your device gets rebooted completely.

Congrats! You have rooted your A110 Canvas2 successfully and now you can easily use extra privileged functions (like installing latest firmware’s, themes etc) on your device.

How to un-root
You can easily un-root your A110. For doing this you will have to follow Step 1 to Step 5 exactly in same manner as did for rooting case. Now enter “x” without braces in place of “1” (which you entered during rooting part) and follow the on screen guide. It will un-root your Canvas2 successfully. Do let us know if you have any doubts in complete process.



  1. hey i rooted my A110 and now when i am unrooting it show in in command promt that after restart you device is unrooted but i want restarting and when manually restrt the mobile after i cheack by the software for checking root it showing that your mobile is rooted now please help me for unrooting other wise my 1 year warranty will be gone.... :(

    1. Hi Anshul,

      Since you have rooted your phone i need some info from you, Micromax A110 is my first android phone n i m very much keen to root the same so that i can use Link2SD but the only thing which is stopping me to do so is that i am scared of voiding warranty.
      Is it possible that now i can root the device to use Link2SD n later on if i want to unroot the same (for warranty purpose) then can i do it n will micromax service center will not come to know about it.

      Pls guide me urgently on this. THANKS SIR.

  2. Worked really well.

    Thank You.

  3. You can un-root your device any time. For getting your warranty back, you you must have stock ROM with you.

  4. i rooted my device the way it is mention. but now to check whether my device is rooted or not?
    i installed root checker and now when i click on it to verify my root access it says, "sorry this device does not have a proper root access

  5. Thanks, It worked well for me, Now my phone is rooted.
    But I am facing problem with UN-ROOTING the device, whenever I am trying the above steps for un-rooting, after pressing 'x', the instructions will appear,
    "Please press any key to cintinue..."
    Then after doing so, the Bin4y exits and nothing is happens to phone, it won't restart,
    I did manual restart but nothing happened my device is still rooted.
    Please help ASAP

  6. The rooting in this phone will work smooth as butter. By the way, unrooting the phone is not even working. It is giving me the message, "error: device not found.(5 times)"
    Many people are facing this problem. Please help me and others to unroot.

  7. Hello Friends, I have unroot my phone successfully.
    I tell u how i do this.....

    when i follow the steps given above to unroot it just show message unroot successful but my mobile do not restart automatically.When i restart it manually i found that it just remove the superuser app from my phone but when i check it by root checker app it display u have root access.
    Now follow the following steps given bellow....


    Don't worry about taking backup i have unroot my phone without backup also.
    Now my phone work normally without any problem.


    1) Download root checker from google play.
    2) Check for root.(It will display u have root access).
    and bellow that it will display u something like this....
    Su(3.1): /system/bin
    Superuser(3.1.3): Not available
    BusyBox: /system/xbin
    PATH: /sbin
    3) By using root explorer go to the Su(3.1)path sown above i.e. /system/bin
    and delete that bin folder.If not delete then check its permission and allow other user all the permission R-O-W. and now delete it will delete that folder.
    4) do the same steps for BusyBox: i.e. /system/xbin
    and delete that xbin folder.
    5) Now restr ur phone.
    6) And Check again By root checker app.
    Not it eill display u as bellow
    Su(3.1): Not available
    Superuser(3.1.3): Not available
    BusyBox: Not available
    PATH: /sbin

    That means now u have successfully unroot ur phone.
    I have try this and Unroot successfully check u if it work for u if not then i dont have any other idea about that.

  8. I done till 6th step but in 7th step
    U told to select "restore option" but their is no restore option

  9. F*** i did this my phn stuck at logo

    1. Try using Recovery and then "Factory Reset" ........... :D

  10. I rooted my canvas 2 and install cwm recovery.img but when I try to unroot. But unable to unroot..

    Plz help....